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We help children of all ages regardless of their disease, for it is so easy to be kind.
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Ldkgcuh-Gi0[1]On January, 29 at a private charity event the presentation of the “ANASTASIA” foundation took place.

Marina Shamara, the President of the foundation, and Eugene Smirnov, a renowned dancer and the head of the inclusive dancing school “Ryzhyi DANCE”, addressed to the guests of the evening.

Marina Shamara told about what the “ANASTASIA” foundation does, its projects and the children who are supported. In particular, she told about Russia’s first nonprofit inclusive dancing school “Ryzhyi DANCE”, which holds joint exercises for children with and without disabilities. Since 2016 “ANASTASIA” provides charitable assistance to the school: purchasing of the necessary equipment, organization of celebrations and meetings.

Eugene Smirnov performed with a dance.

As a result, the event managed to raise 606 000 Rubles.

These funds are planned to be spent for the development of the inclusive dancing school “Ryzhyi DANCE” in 2017.

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