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We help children of all ages regardless of their disease, for it is so easy to be kind.
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24 January, 11:00

“Ekaterinodar” Restaurant

To tell about the basic trends of charity in the Kuban region in 2016 the representatives of three Krasnodar foundations – “ANASTASIA”, “Blue Bird” and the “Krasnodog” animal shelter – are gathering together. Also there will be presented a project for professional adaptation of young people with Down syndrome, named “The Sun for a best friend. Krasnodar “. The project has shown that non-profit organizations are able to help people and change the world for the better more effectively by combining their resources.

About the project “The Sun for a best friend. Krasnodar “

Down syndrome – the most common genetic abnormality caused by the appearance of an extra chromosome, due to which the child develops a number of features or characteristics that affect health and mental development.

Social integration and special treatment allow a child with Down syndrome to live a full life. Moreover, as an adult, a man with the syndrome is able to master basic skills.

At the beginning of 2016 “Downside Up” Charitable Foundation raised and issue of self-realization of underage downs in society by implementing a relevant project on professional adaptation. Together, “ANASTASIA” Children Charity Foundation, Autonomous Non-Profit Organization “Blue Bird”, the “Krasnodog” Shelter for affected animals and art-manager EugeniaKarpanina have created a program “The Sun for a best friend. Krasnodar “, which represented a replication of the”Downside Up” project on the local material.

From October to December 2016 downs aged 16-17 years have been visitingtwo-hour sessions in the “Krasnodog” shelter twice a week. Under the supervision of a qualified psychologist and trainer-handler, children with moderate mental retardation, have learned new skills for the cats and dogs care, feeding, cleaning cages, safety work with animals, walking and training basics. In January 2017, there was a solemn closing ceremony of the project.

Press breakfast participants:

Marina Shamara – the President of “ANASTASIA” Children Charity Foundation;

Lina Skvortsova–the Director of ANO “Blue Bird”;

Natalia Dubnitskaya– the Head of the “Krasnodog” Shelter for Affected Animals;

EugeniaKarpanina – art manager, the director of the Festival of Theater Photography;

Members of the media.

Media representatives can sign in by calling: 8-988-557-557-3.

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